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No single raindrop believes it is to blame for the flood.


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Potentially Destructive Pursuits

I couldn't help notice Congressman Roscoe Bartlett's comments during Bill Gates' testimony before the House Committee on Science and Technology.
the other huge challenge we face is the challenge of getting more of our best and brightest into careers as science, math and engineering. Increasingly as I talk to audiences and ask our kids what degrees they're going to pursue - they're pursuing what I tell them are potentially destructive pursuits. They're becoming lawyers and political scientists.

We've got enough of both - of each of those, thank you. I think that both of these maladies are the symptoms of a common disease and that is that a society gets what it appreciates. Our society just does not appreciate academic achievement and as a society we do not appreciate scientists, mathematicians and engineers.***

The culture really needs to change and I'll believe it's changing when the White House invites academic achievers and scientists, mathematicians and engineers and slobbers all over them they way they do entertainers and sports figures. What can we do, sir, to change the culture out there?

--- at ~ 1:14 in Webcast

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