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Has it already been a year?

It's hard to believe almost a year has gone by since I've had the chance to blog, but life has a way of reprioritizing what you do with your free time, whether you want it to or not. An update may be in order.

I've been spending most of this year in Florida, making up for some lost time with family and geeking out on some really cool technical projects. I managed to squeeze in enough study time over the summer to pass the Florida Bar exam, but did not have the benefit of a Declaration of Intent while in law school, so no practicing until the background check is done.

Thanks to the folks who called my attention to the class notes in the Fall issue of UH Magazine and Parameters from the College of Engineering. Unfortunately, it was not entirely accurate as I received the 2006 Legal Professionalism Award from the State Bar of Texas and my liaison and committee positions were with the American Bar Association Secton of Antitrust Law during the 05-06 and 06-07 Bar years, resp.

Needless to say, you don't get to blog much when you're splitting time between Texas and Florida with a lot on your plate. I hope that will improve soon.

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