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If you know you want to be a patent attorney...

Dennis Crouch has some useful information and comments at the Patently-O blawg
Engineers and scientists usually do pretty well on the LSAT and often end up with the following law school options:

  • Attend a highly-ranked law school;
  • Attend a lower-ranked law school with a renown intellectual property program; or
  • Attend a lower-ranked law school as a night student and continue making money during the day.

  • I opted for a combination of 2 and 3. Not only does the University of Houston have outstanding IP JD & LLM programs (ranked 4th by USN&WR, in case you missed it), but you can usually expect to have at least 1 or 2 courses offered in the evening during the fall & spring. At least one of our profs doesn't recommend ALL IP courses while in law school, however. If you KNOW you will be practicing IP afterwards, try to round yourself out with other topics you may have interest in - it may be the best (or only) chance you'll get!

    Good luck!

    [UPDATE] Something else to consider before taking the patent bar.

    Why student membership in related professional organizations is a great idea, too.

    2007 Rankings update available here[/UPDATE]

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